Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Final Project Update 4

Coasting on along with the final project. I've pretty much stayed on schedule. I'm a little bit behind schedule for today; however, its an easy fix. Ill just come in early this afternoon and complete the scenes needed for today (7-11). I'll also start on the rest of my assets as well as rendering out all of my past projects in HD for the DVD portfolio tonight.

Nov 16: 
Continue working on assets.
Nov 18: 
Continue working on assets and have scenes 1-3 completed at end of day.
Nov 23: 
Scenes 4-6 completed.
Nov 25: 
Finalize working on scenes 4-6. 
For thanksgiving break work on Scenes 7-11.
Nov 30: 
Continue working on scenes 7-11.
Dec 2: 
Finalize scenes 7-11. 
Start on scenes 12-15.
Render out past projects for DVD.
Dec 4:
Have all assets for DVD prepared.
Keep working on scenes 12-15.
Dec 7: 
Finalize scenes 12-15. 
Make any revisions to final project.
Make DVD portfolio/demo reel.
Dec 9: 
Make final revisions. 
Turn in DVD/DemoReel.

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