Thursday, December 2, 2010

Final Project Update 5

So far, I'm somewhere in-between on my schedule. I'm sorta on schedule with some things and other things, just kinda not. But alas, I went back and fixed everything we talked about last Tuesday. It still needs work in some areas on the arms, but the main animation is there and its much easier to understand whats going on with the hands. I changed the colors of the arms and legs to match the nose and it looks much better. I also resized all my comps to a wide-screen format pre-set in AE so everything should be fine now. Just gotta keep working, hardcore like. 

Nov 16: 
Continue working on assets.
Nov 18: 
Continue working on assets and have scenes 1-3 completed at end of day.
Nov 23: 
Scenes 4-6 completed.
Nov 25: 
Finalize working on scenes 4-6. 
For thanksgiving break work on Scenes 7-11.
Nov 30: 
Continue working on scenes 7-11.
Dec 2: 
Finalize scenes 7-11. 
Start on scenes 12-15.
Render out past projects for DVD.
Dec 4:
Have all assets for DVD prepared.
Keep working on scenes 12-15.
Dec 7: 
Finalize scenes 12-15. 
Make any revisions to final project.
Make DVD portfolio/demo reel.
Dec 9: 
Make final revisions. 
Turn in DVD/DemoReel.

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