Thursday, December 9, 2010

Artist Lecture 1 - Shawn Sheeny

     Shawn Sheeny was surely one of the more interesting of the visiting artist lectures we've had recently. He is a graphic artist working mostly with highly elaborate pop up books. A graduate student with a BA degree in education and graphic design, Sheeny also has a MA in Book Arts. Overall the lecture was very educational and not to mention entertaining with Sheenys hip-geek chic sense of humor. He started us of with a brief but slightly slower paced history of book arts in which he spoke of other artists such as Ed Rischa, Pamela Paulsrud, and Emily Martin. He also showed us some great images from other pop up books to reference such as "Dinosaurs" by Mathew Rinehart and St. Louis Pinocchio Pop Ups. Shawn shared with us his work in progress personal book arts designs over the last six year span, which was I must say, quite impressive.

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