Thursday, November 18, 2010

Final Project Update 2

I bringeth good news! 
I'm currently on target for my projected schedule. At the end of today, I've projected to have all my assets built as well as the first 3 scenes of my animation completed. I have the 3 scenes almost done, they need a little more work and some tweaking, but overall, good progress. Assets are almost done as well. I'm sure by the end of the day or possibly the end of this class I will have everything completed and remain on schedule. 

However, I have changed the idea up for my animation quite a bit. None of the changes interfered with the projected schedule, thankfully. My project still stands at 3 scenes a week minimum; which will be easier to attain each week considering the new story cut out several unnecessary scenes. 

Nov 16: Continue working on assets.
Nov 18: Continue working on assets and have scenes 1-3 completed at end of day.
Nov 23: Scenes 4-6 completed.
Nov 25: Finalize working on scenes 4-6. For thanksgiving break work on Scenes 7-11.
Nov 30: Continue working on scenes 7-11.
Dec 2: Finalize scenes 7-11. Start on scenes 12-15
Dec 7: Finalize scenes 12-15. Make any revisions to final project.
Dec 9: Make final revisions. Turn in completed project.

Updated Asset List:

-Sky background
-Sundae mountain
-Neo: Front View, Back View, Side View, 3/4 View.
-Neo: Closed eyes, open eyes, noses/mouths, cone piece, waffle chip.
-Neo: sprinkle tears, sprinkles
-Chocolate sea
-Gum drop attackers
-Beach towels
-Graham crackers: Top View, Side View, 3/4 View
-Melted view of Neo

Any assets that are not completed at the end of the day will be re-worked back into the schedule. 

Here are some screen shots of Scenes 1-3 in progress:

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