Thursday, November 4, 2010

Final Project Pitch

For the final project, I have decided to follow my instincts into a semi-narrative piece. Conceptually, its still following loosely along with my concept throughout the semester.

Idea summary:
In a wintry landscape made from junk foods, (i.e ice cream cones, candy, etc) there is a lone mountain, tired and lonely snuggling between the surrounding mountains. As he wakes up, he looks up to the sky and sees bits of color peeking through the clouds. The mountain pulls out a telescope and peers into the sky above. In the sky he sees other mountains on clouds having fun in a sunny environment. The mountain sprouts longer arms and legs and begins to pull himself out of the frozen ground. He grows as much as he can, but cannot reach up into the clouds. He begins to take steps to reach higher and his leg breaks from the cold and begins to cry. The other mountains around him abandon him. He looks up into the distance at a mountain high in the sky and decides to try again.


Snowing mountain-scape.

3 Act Structure:

Act 1 Setup:
Inciting incident:
Mountain wakes up from the cold shivering and investigates the colors in the sky.

Plot Point 1:
Mountain sprouts his arms and legs to get into the sky.

Act 2 Confrontation:
Mountain obviously cannot reach the sky by stretching alone, and decides to go to the highest mountain and climb up into the sky.

Plot Point 2:
Mountain begins his journey/walk to the big mountain in the distance.

Act 3 Resolution:
Mountain breaks his leg as he is walking and cannot reach his goal of being in the clouds.

Aesthetic/Idea Refrences:

Yellow Chocolate from Special Problems on Vimeo.

This short was the starting inspiration for my idea and aesthetics.
Id like to continue the same layering and texture ideas of this video.

Buildings & Vampires from Nico Casavecchia on Vimeo.

I love the idea of footage/animation combo but know thats too
much for this animation and would like to utilize the arms and legs
as the main animating in the piece. Also, this color palette is more closely related
to what im looking for. More muted and soft wintry colors.

Spectacular View from Michael Please on Vimeo.

I put this video up as a reference because of its textured/wintry/puppet
feel. The color palette is close to what im considering as well.

Rough list of needed Assets:
-winter landscape
-mtn (front view)
-mtn (side view)
-mtn (back view)
-big mtn in distance
-other mtns in clouds
-sun character
-alternate facial parts for expressions
-tears (sprinkles)

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