Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Calender and Breakdown of Final Project

I worked a lot on my assets last week and didnt get to work a whole lot over my assets over the weekend, but its ok because for my schedule I worked in finalizing all assets until Thursday.

I took the original script and storyboard and broke it down into each separate scene:

1. Initial pan down.
2. Birds in sky.
3. Closeup on Neo.
4. Pandown from mountain.
5. Beach scene.
6. Chocolate sea scene.
7. Back to Neo on mountian.
8. Crying scene.
9. Neo pulls out of spot on mountian.
10. Back view of Neo.
11. Neo falling down the mountain.
12. Hits bottom of mountain.
13. Overview of Neo lying all busted up.
14. Warm characters come to aid him.
15. Floats away into chocolate sea.

Ive got it planned out for 3 scenes to be completed a week at minimum for this project to be completed on time.

Nov 16: Continue working on assets.
Nov 18: Continue working on assets and have scenes 1-3 completed at end of day.
Nov 23: Scenes 4-6 completed.
Nov 25: Finalize working on scenes 4-6. For thanksgiving break work on Scenes 7-11.
Nov 30: Continue working on scenes 7-11.
Dec 2: Finalize scenes 7-11. Start on scenes 12-15
Dec 7: Finalize scenes 12-15. Make any revisions to final project.
Dec 9: Make final revisions. Turn in completed project.

Assets list:
-Sky background
-Sundae mountain
-Birds of chocolate
-Neo: Front View, Back View, Side View.
-Neo: Closed eyes, open eyes, noses/mouths, cone piece, waffle chip.
-Neo: sprinkle tears, sprinkles
-Chocolate sea
-Golden muffins: Front view, Back View, Side View
-Female Muffin: Front View, Back View, Side View
-Beach towels
-Sweets mountain
-Graham crackers: Top View, Side View, 3/4 View

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