Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Final Project Update 3


So far, so good. I'm currently on schedule with my final project. I've taken the critique from last weeks class on Thursday and worked with my project. I was able to nest my comp (1440*440) into a new comp of (720*480) and everything was fine. It looks like its in widescreen format, which is what I was wanting originally, so I think it'll work out. I'm still experimenting with just blowing it up and moving the camera to follow the scene. 

I've been having several problems in AE with the program constantly crashing and telling me my file/project is corrupt and it cannot render it. I dont know if this is a problem with the program/server/etc, but something needs to be worked out.

Anywho. I'd like to go ahead and post a quick summary of the outline of the new storyboard idea. Originally, Neo was on the mountain, depressed, and thats what drives him to leave the mountain; however,
 the only difference now is there is no mountain and Neo finds an abandoned grump-drop and as he saves it, evil grum-drops come to get the baby and he must run for their safety where they reach the chocolate ocean and sail across to reach the warm beach and island but they melt before they get there together. 

Now for the schedule:

Nov 16: Continue working on assets.
Nov 18: Continue working on assets and have scenes 1-3 completed at end of day.
Nov 23: Scenes 4-6 completed.
Nov 25: Finalize working on scenes 4-6. For thanksgiving break work on Scenes 7-11.
Nov 30: Continue working on scenes 7-11.
Dec 2: Finalize scenes 7-11. Start on scenes 12-15
Dec 7: Finalize scenes 12-15. Make any revisions to final project.
Dec 9: Make final revisions. Turn in completed project.

When I return from Thanksgiving Break I will need to have scenes 7-11 in full swing by the 30th. 
Overall, I will need scenes 1-11 fully completed by December 2nd. At this point, 3/4 of the project will be completed. 
I've gotten most of my assets done, but I will continue working on them as the project progresses due to lack of time to set aside and not meeting my original scheduled goals. 

Updated Asset List:

-Sky background

-Sundae mountain
-Neo: Front View, Back View, Side View, 3/4 View.
-Neo: Closed eyes, open eyes, noses/mouths, cone piece, waffle chip.
-Neo: sprinkle tears, sprinkles
-Chocolate sea
-Gum drop attackers

-Gum drop baby-Umbrellas

-Beach towels
-Graham crackers: Top View, Side View, 3/4 View
-Melted view of Neo

This is the last render I was able to fully complete. Its had a lot of updating since this version, but you'll get an idea at least. 

This is the most recent version of what I've been able to render in time for class:

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