Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Final Project - Storyboard and Visual Diagram

Planning out this new story for my final project has act
ually been really fun. I really love this story and cant wait to work on it. My only concern is I hope that I can finish it. Here is a summary of the new story:

The setting takes place on top of a dreary wintry ice cream sundae mountain (Neopolitan Mountain). Our main character is trying to sleep when he is awoken by a bird pooping on him, his neighbors coughing, and the chilly wind blowing. He tries to readjust and falls back asleep. He begins to dream of a place where everything is bri
ghtly colored, everyone is healthy and happy, all sun bathing by the c
hocolate sea. Its the main characters version of heaven in
his mind. Our character is awoken again by a storm coming when thunder crashes around the s
undae mountain. As the thunder quites, he hears bits of laughter coming from down below. Our character, out of desperation to leave his spot on the mountain, grows his arms and legs and pulls himself out of his spot to see whats happening below the fog. When he looks into the fog, the sunlight bursts through with bright colors. The character leaps off of Neopolitan Mount
ain where he meets his death at the bottom of the mountai
n where the characters from his dream pick him up and place him on a graham cracker, add a cherry to his top, sunglasses to his eyes, and float him
away into the chocolate sea.

Shot List:

1.Panning down from sky.
2.Cut to birds in sky.
3.Back to our main character on mtn.
4.Close up shot on main character.
5.Pan left and fade into new dream shot.
6.In dream scene on beach.
7.Pans left.
8.Chocolate sea fades across screen.
9.Back to main character on mtn.
10.Back shot of main character looking over mtn.
11.Shot into clouds with light coming out.
12.Front view of character blinded by light.
13.Shot of mtn side.
14.Cut to zoomed out shot of mtn. side.
15.Cut to bottom of mtn where character is laying by beach.
16.Overhead view looking at character laying on ground.
17.Cut shot to muffin and icecream staring at him.
18.P.o.v of character looking at them standing over him.
19.Overhead shot of character dieing.
20.Picking up character and putting him on cracker. (Give him glasses/cherry.)
21. Shot from behind supporting characters looking out onto ocean.

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